Group facilitation or One-on-One coaching sessions focusing on developing personal leadership awareness, excellent relationships, communications and management skills professionally, personally and in business.

Dr Yvonne Sum has designed her programs for those intent upon:

  1. Self Discovery - begin with reading her blogs & books, listening to her prerecorded classes/ webinars/ keynote sessions, or working through eLearning modules to clarify your intent and outcomes
  2. Group Facilitation - sign up for live teleclasses, webinars and working sessions online, or bring her to your locality to work with you and your tribe to transform your leadership challenges through peer consulting and learning
  3. Keynote Speaking - invite Dr Yvonne Sum to your live event to inspire you and your tribe towards your Highest Intent
  4. Transformational Coaching - work one-on-one with Dr Yvonne Sum to set and get your intentions and outcomes

Dr Sum’s keynotes include:

  • Intentional Leadership - Start Losing your Mind to Come to your Senses. For Managers & Leaders.
  • Intentional Parenting - Start Kidding Yourself. For Parents & Educators.
  • Intentional Business - Start Surrendering to Succeed. For Teams in business.
  • Intentional Leadership - Start Playing More. For Personal & Professional Development audience

Internationally certified to train Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and to transform lives as a Neuro Semantics (NS) Meta-Coach, Dr. Yvonne Sum brings out the best in people simply by her unwavering belief that every one is born a genius finding sovereignty to express their life purpose to their fullest potential. The energy she pumps into her training and coaching programs is only surpassed by that which is generated by her audience and clients eager to proactively engage their values, vision and life mission.

Dr. Sum has elegantly incorporated her background as a professional actor by cleverly weaving in over a decade's experience in the dental health profession to truly hold that space to bring forth your hidden gifts. How? By skillfully transferring her astute abilities for diagnosis, and her amazing talent for moving an audience of one or a thousand, into compelling corporate facilitation, executive coaching and personal development training.

The design and implementation of sophisticated processes in supporting clients to achieve stated business outcomes requiring change in thinking, function, structure and focus. Dr. Yvonne Sum achieves amazing results with her clients through using group facilitation, one-on-one executive/personal coaching or both.

Dr. Sum has worked with senior management and frontline teams in diverse industries such as consumer healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media/communications, IT, electronics, cosmetics, forestry, financial services and professionals in medicine, dentistry, education, training and coaching.

Dr. Sum counsels as a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Educational Kinesiology (EK) Practitioner to maximize human potential in corporate leadership, stress management, interpersonal relationships and learning & development skills.

Dr. Sum is an internationally certified NLP trainer and corporate trainer/facilitator with DiSC and MPG accreditation.

Dr. Sum consults as a Communications Expert in the University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry's new 4-year Graduate Dental Program which provides a platform for her to facilitate the program integration by staff and students in developing the curriculum. She designed and facilitated the first Communications Skills course for dental undergraduates at the University of Sydney in 1994, and continues to teach these business skills and systems to final year students.

Dr. Sum has also lectured at the University of Melbourne and facilitates the Advanced Continuing Education Modules for the Australian Society of Hypnosis.

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