Find Your Balance

Are you satisfied with your contributions in your work and career?
Do you feel you have unrealised potential?
Do you have "Me" time scheduled in your diary regularly?
Is one area of your life occupying an unhealthy amount of time, energy and investment?
What are you doing about that if it concerns you?

Start pursuing your dreams of a personally satisfying and financially rewarding life of contribution in your career, home and self.

Dr. Yvonne Sum has coached senior executives and global professionals, and now you can benefit from the expertise she offers to attain your dreams.

"The paradox of living a balanced and fulfilling life as self-actualizing individuals means there is the usual tension of Work vs Family (Life in general!). We are living in ambiguous times where there are no simple black & white answers. Let me invite us all to find meaning in the grey areas to discover our fulfillment in Life.
One-on-one coaching of professionals and executives in business invariably lead to touching on the individual's personal lives and their purpose & passion. We find the passion in someone's life; and they light up in all areas of their lives. One group facilitated Parenting Program I have been involved in is the Discovery Australia program which focuses on young adults and teeneagers; courses are run where parents attend a parallel course of self-awareness and communications with families. The TLC™ Intentional Parenting program I have developed is leading out to develop a world-wide coaching program with this vision in mind of transforming Good individuals to Great: Great parents, Great families, Great nations, Great Future, Great Leaders of Tomorrow today."

Dr. Yvonne Sum

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