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The New Girl In Town

Dr Yvonne Sum is awarded her Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA).

Here is her acceptance speech on the Gala Dinner on April 2, 2011:

As her mentor and past NSAA National President, Rodney Marks CSP, who also received the prestigious "Keynote presenter of the Year" that evening said: "Congratulations on achieving the highest international accreditation in professional speaking".

Her other mentor, Colin James, was unable to attend due to illness.

Parents are CEOs

an Intentional Parenting workshop on 19 March 2011.

Dina Cooper - convenor, participant and mother of two about to start own business - reports:

"Who is Dr Yvonne Sum?

Yvonne is someone who tells stories from her heart. Her stories resonate on many levels with every individual that she meets. We recently worked together on a workshop of 10 parents. A session to work on, how we as individuals can be more effective as parents. Yvonne, through her passion of parenting and storytelling, enchanted/engaged/touched every individual in the room.

As we talked about the workshop afterwards I commented on how amazing it was that Yvonne had managed to get that connection with every individual in just 2 hours. To which Yvonne replied “Yes, it was fantastic! I really felt the connection. I have had that once with 150 people at a workshop BUT it was over 4 whole days…” How many people can say that they have connected with 150 people in 4 days?! Here was someone that had an amazing gift.

Yvonne’s subject is leadership. In this context it was leaders in the home, namely “parents. ”What an exceptional concept, likening parents to CEO’s! Even as I write these words, the parallels and similarities in the skills required leap from my mind onto to the page…creating a vision, juggling, meeting the needs of others as well as your own etc etc.

An exceptional concept from an exceptional woman!

My thoughts are that this woman needs to be out there spreading the word. All these parents out there struggling to juggle and wear different hats, take note, your are a CEO, a leader in your home! I can feel the sigh of relief of every stay-at-home parent as he/she acknowledges this fact of truth. “Now that I know my job how best can I do this job?” they ask… That’s the easy part, after all there are so many tools and models for successful leadership. At least now parents know where to start..

I hope and pray that Yvonne gets this word out there into the world. It gives parenting the kudos it deserves – what a relief, what a revelation, what a dawning!!!

Thanks Yvonne for coming into my life. Thanks for all those who you have helped to date and thank you in advance for all those you are going to help in the future…and I suspect there will be MILLIONS!"

Kuala Lumpur, 11th-14th May, 2010

Dr Yvonne Sum presented a half-day workshop on "Executing Blue Ocean Strategy - Essential Communications and Coaching Skills" at the Blue Ocean Strategy Annual Regional Leadership Summit with enthusiastic reception by delegates from Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and China.

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