"Very insightful."

Bec Newman, Author and Mother

"Loved Yvonne's enthusiasm - you can tell you are very passionalte about the topic."

Janie Looi, Mother Who Has Just Returned to Work

"Engaging, constructive and excellent 2 hours which gave me food for thought on my life & myself"

Mala Neery, New Mother About to Return to Work

"A bit like the Apple story - I'm leaving today having learnt something that I didn't know I needed!"

Kate Stevenson, Working Mother of 3

"Bring in husbands as well. I feel I got lots of info from the experience ...to see things from a child's perspective, stop and observe"

Samantha Dobrin, Fulltime Mother

Yvonne was so inspiring! I loved the breadth and depth of her knowledge. Her sources are so varied (books/philosophies) there is something to interest everyone. This course was brilliant and much fun was had. Some very useful tools. Facilitator Yvonne was absolutely lovely and charming and was equally intelligent and engaged.

Senior Manager

"When I started the program I had no idea how fantastic the experience would be, or how it would let me reflect not only on my business life but also my personal relationships. Personally I found the process a great way of challenging not only my thoughts but also helping me then challenge the people around me in a positive way. I would highly recommend the coaching program to anyone that is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to participate. My coach, Yvonne, is not only a great coach but a fantastic person who has enabled me to achieve beyond what I thought possible during a turbulent time in my life."

Nerida Trappett, CUA Head of Accounting

"Both Yvonne and I nominated some personal and professional goals for me to achieve during the [High Performance Coaching] programme. These have either been met or milestones have been achieved towards meeting them fully. The support Yvonne has offered, particularly through a period when our family suffered a personal loss worked well." Tony Martyn, CUA Head of Mobile Lending and Commercial Finance

"I found the coaching to be invaluable to my development and the development of my team. My goal was to learn new tools and techniques that could be classed as "Best Practice" and I believe I achieved that."

Peter Jensen, CUA Regional Manager

"All in all a fantastic and valuable coaching experience that I felt safe in exposing and exploring some very deep and challenging aspects of self both personally and professionally. Yvonne used tools and techniques that added great value and insight to truly challenge me which is were most value came. Yvonne assisted me to view many aspects of life in a different way which has truly added to my happiness and well being. This has positively impacted me in both my professional and personal life. Yvonne is an amazing lady and through this coaching experience, Yvonne and the learning’s provided will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!"

John George, CUA Group GM Service Operations

“Impactful ....excellent speaker and insightful content! Highly practical! A GOLD for any leader!...Refresh the thoughts and commitment to turn practice to habit.”

Keith Teh

“The facilitator use story telling effectively to convey her ideas.”

Rahim Aziz

“I have made commitment to master NLP (frame, reframe etc) skills, to become an effective communicator. Your Walt Disney story inspire me to pursue my dream, I will go into the reality room then the critic rom in next 6 months, to make it happen! TQ, Dr Yvonne, u really inspired me! My dream is to create a blue ocean market in Malaysia performance art industry! & to revive the industry!”

Winson Phuah

“.... Interaction, the way of bringing us into a new path (stories, practical examples etc) ...”

Yoann Sapanel, Market Analyst/ Consultant

“Thank you for being honest and truthful in your sharing & encouragement.”


“I find the power point presentation really amazing. A picture paints a thousand words; The chart that she used stimulate my visual & enhance my understanding on the message; Related stories and example strengthen the message... It totally transform my mind and gave me a new perspective of communication”

Leslie Lian, Project Coordinator

“Within such a short time and despite challenging training facility (setup), Yvonne is able to connect so well with the trainees. I am on the verge of being transformed. Can you be my coach?.... Excellent delivery. V Professional... Inspired to put lessons learnt into practice”

Leong Lai Fong, Managing Consultant

“Storytelling was beautiful! Facilitator’s VOICE >> clarity of speech & intonation. Excellent use of slides & choice of pictures in slides”


“Leading examples.”

Josephine Woon, Business Development Manager

“Visual illustrations & simple message. Use of stories.... Sound Principles. Just need the discipline of Practice & consistent practice.”

Sam Wong

“Open up more my mind ....The stories are good; even for old guy like me.... In relation to strategy thinking, to stop Red Ocean mentality”

Ong Eng Chuan, Managing Director

“A true reflection of a leader’s role put into a practical perspective.... Tremendous sharing and experience; a positive direction in prospecting with your client... The insight of the sensory channels in relation to leadership coaching...Find the gems - A diamond you want to take with you rather than having pebbles in your saddle.”

Stephen Cornelius, Managing Director

"Helpful perspectives to think further about. I found it helpful to be reminded to check out other perspectives and to ‘know’ myself. Facilitator’s energy and use of personal examples helped to maintain focus"


"The personal learning was insightful in how to approach various situations. Development of different strategies, group work exercise, and gaining a broader understanding of concepts worked well."


"Use of colour and personal stories to which we could relate."


"Case studies and discussion worked well."

Liz Noble, Office Manager

"Have re-learnt communication practices to take away. Well organised and presented.Vibrant."

Felicia Fitzgerald, Sustainable Living Program Manager

"Small group worked well. Personal input from the facilitator. Well organised facilitator."

M. Connolly,Manager Westlink

"Yvonne presented very well and shared her passion and passed that on to us. Thank you Yvonne very much for your facilitating .... Your passion it is very catchy. [Personal learning outcomes] has increased to be able to step back more often and all times."

Vicki Moore, Program Manager

"Greater realisation and structure. Still have much to learn. Lack of PPT was engaging - more participating. Relating content to sales/boutique."

Elise Karadjian, Fashion Trainer

"The structure of the program and the amount of group and individual participation. Yvonne makes everyone feel comfortable and is very approachable. I have definitely learnt a lot about the way I communicate and my learning style/s."

Marisa Caruso, Assistant to Buying Manager

"Friendly/Positive energy makes a comfortable environment. All outcomes put forward have been covered today."

Shalina Truelove, Fashion Advisor

"Small group activities. Practical examples. Information was presented in an easy to follow manner. All outcomes were covered and we were given ideas and skills to use them in our work everyday and to develop them further."

Amy Connell, Fashion Advisor

"Best training and most relaxed, yet most effect I’ve ever had! “Relax, no one is going to be called out to present at the front of the room.” It’s so relieving!!! Puts everyone back into their comfort zone and eventually stepping out of our own comfort zone and into a learning zone comfortably and efficiently. Even terror zone, but at our own pace! To the extent that all of my outcomes can be achieved so easily if we use the training materials. It’s not rocket science!!"

Irene Candra, Fashion Advisor

"The course made personal goals for the future ....The visuals, eg demonstrations and writing on whiteboard, worked well."

Penelope McGufficke, Fashion Advisor

"I think it has been a bit more of a realisation and now it has to be applied properly because I’ve learnt the process. Engaging different topics with different enthusiasm and severity, ie importance."

Cleo-Rey Sebla, Fashion Advisor

"Excellent program, very useful, facilitator exceeded my expectations :) I was in the terror zone this morning, Yvonne made me feel comfortable and wanting to participate."

Lena Karbovska, Asst Boutique Manager

"Yvonne was great at using tone and body language to not make it boring. Everything at the end related to things said in the beginning. I realised that there are many things I did not know - I did not know. I wanted more perspective when delivering content = Achieved."

Alan Buanne, Asst Boutique Manager

"I found Dr Sum’s teaching style entertaining and very informative. The material presentation format that covered the essentials in such a short time. Examples in storytelling. Excellent. A step closer to combine communication methods and application into an art form."

Alan Weinstein, Operations Manager

"Great! Learned a lot. Information I can use at work and everyday life. Very engaging and involving. Relevant to everyday situations."

Tim Wardell, Fashion Advisor

"The program will be well applied in work situation and also in personal life. Yvonne was so passionate and energetic. I was her captive audience throughout the day. Thank you Yvonne. You were so dynamic and passionate in what you taught. You made me more aware of what I do everyday. It made me aware that what I do everyday I have to structure and that I was on the right path but this program gave me details and objectives to work on."

Sooki Crow, Floor Supervisor

"Yvonne gave me a very friendly but at the same time a very insightful coaching to structure how I could improve myself with the skills I needed. It was a real demonstration of how meta-coaching could help a client. She spoke clearly and precisely, which was a great value to me who was contacting her from Japan. I was able to reach my milestone as we figured out during the session. Thank you, Yvonne, for your fabulous energy, attention and encouragement to me!"

Mitsi Okamoto, MetaCoach

"Whether Yvonne is working a room or coaching one-on-one, her greatest strength is her ability to build and maintain rapport with just about anybody. She understands the coaching process from both the coach and the coachee perspective - having experienced it from both sides. She demonstrates an authentic presence that draws people to feel comfortable very quickly. She is engaging, dynamic and entertaining. Seemingly highly technical content can magically come alive and even seem fun.

Philippa Bond, CEO

“...Very valuable in career and advancement...reinforced my values....variety of learning activities.....parts of the program all linked and all valuable...facilitator effectively communicated course content and created an interactive, enjoyable and productive learning environment....interested in applying framing presentations in the workplace.”

Alan Weinstein, Cruise Director

"Yvonne - fantastic! Full of energy, great at always asking us what we needed/wanted. Great knowledge of content!!...could be a little longer!! ....my learning outcome have not only been achieved but also have began to change. I feel this bar has shifted."

Jessica Sofo, Bondi Junction Boutique Manager,

"This learning has given me confidence to be more open and communicate better. Your (Yvonne's) knowledge and ability to get everyone to work together and share stories. I like the work group sessions."

Alma Stanonik, Retail Operations Manager,

"Pace of the program... Notes and participation... I am a visual and kinesthetic type of person. I need these types of stimulus. Also allow me to learn about other different sensory acuity. I have achieved my personal learning outcomes to the extent I feel comfortable in expressing my ideas and thoughts in a big group/diverse group. Also gained self-confidence in knowing other professionals share commonality with me.... wish it was longer."

Michaela Choong, Melbourne Boutique Manager,

"I have learnt a great deal over the past two days, this including the wisdom training. I have learnt about my personal weaknesses, this including the confidence to step forward and reach for my personal goals. Interaction.... facilitator (Yvonne) made me feel very comfortable.... non-intimidating environment."

Irene Kirchner, Marketing Executive,

"Yvonne was great in communicating to us. It was very enjoyable. I have learnt of the tools I can use to be more confident and apply it to my workplace. That the room was small enough and the amount of people was enough. It created a level of intimacy and trust."

Maurice Gacusana, CRM Executive,

"Breaking the group in small teams, changing these teams around, so we worked with different people. Yvonne's style in natural and engaging. This kept the two days interesting and dynamic..... Greater insight into areas that need work and development...A renewed confidence in areas of strength."

Rebecca Teyhan, Visual Merchandising Executive,

"Yvonne's structure of the program and her easy nature made the course very comfortable and the digestion of information easy."

Kathleen Ryan, Marketing Manager Fashion,

"I would just like to say thank-you for the best course (Managing Personal Growth-Career Decision Making) I have ever done. I feel so enlightened and motivated to find that path that will give me the greatest satisfaction in my life. You (Yvonne) were a truly inspirational facilitator and I am completely envious about the role that you have. It is so obvious when someone loves and has a passion for what they do. It is extremely contagious."

Jamie Gooding, Production Manager,

"Once again thanks for making the (Managing Personal Growth-Career Decision Making) course over the past 2 days not only enjoyable but very relevant."

Belinda Claffey, Commercial Development Project Manager,

“Leading examples.”

Vince Evans, Thomas & Coffey Business Unit Manager

“I’ve been leading teams to complete maintenance programs and projects for more than 20 years …..Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you displayed for your subject and participants - it will certainly influence the way I deal with people and myself.”

Paul Rodgers, Thomas & Coffey Project Manager

“Learning outcomes were achieved – feeling of being awake!! Well planned.”

Peter Buckley, Thomas & Coffey

“Yvonne was extremely interactive which made it enjoyable to participants. I believe I have been given some excellent tools to apply to people / conflict management.”

Michael Walsh, Thomas & Coffey Construction Manager

“Given me tools to be more comfortable with who I am…Constant interaction & role playing made everyone feel comfortable so that people can be open & share things about themselves so that others can learn from them.”

Mark Henderson, Thomas & Coffey Estimating Manager

“Yvonne’s energy was great & generally infective.”

Jason McCallum, Thomas & Coffey Commercial Manager

“Flexibility, relevance, puts you outside your comfort zone to bring out the best in you. The way it was presented kept you interested.”

Tony Walker, Thomas & Coffey Operations Manager Townsville Defence

“Yvonne was an engaging facilitator and kept the content of the program interesting.”

Thomas & Coffey Operations Manager

“Great to see a vibrant & passionate presenter/coach who has a different perspective on me so I can understand others and assist others moving forward”

Paul Chambers, Thomas & Coffey

“What worked well: The material and the way it was delivered.”

Mark Rouse, Thomas & Coffey Site Services Manager

“It has helped me understand others & myself better. The facilitator really knew the subject matter & delivered it very well.”

Joe Arnone, Thomas & Coffey

“I have been provided with useful tools, some confirmation of experience, some structure and some learnings that will enable me to “play” with day to day, which will enhance myself and others...The combination of colour, information reinforcement & review supplied with the belief displayed was entertaining way to learn.”

Paul Rodgers, Thomas & Coffey Project Manager

“Course content provided an insight into how to look at and perceive others”.

Mark Henderson, Thomas & Coffey

“Yvonne had a very passionate delivery style and which she took time out to fully explain if no one was clear… Starting to understand the reasoning behind the way I tend to act or perceive through the MBTI documentation…Starting to believe in myself & others.”

Paul Chambers, Thomas & Coffey

“Having read some of Carl Jung’s work, I was very interested on how his theories were applied in the MBTI forum. I was delighted to find that the course went into detail on the various typologies and the implication/application of the information provided.”

Vince Evans, Thomas & Coffey

"I have known Dr Yvonne Sum for about 12 years. She is simply exceptional. A disciplined intellect supported by superb facilitation and presentation ability makes her an incisive, engaging and consistently excellent in all that she does."

Colin James, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

"What worked well regarding program & facilitator: Understanding personalities of team members. Take time out to reflect & collaborate. Use of Practical examples. Less reliance of printed documents. All the participants participated/ contributed to the fun of learning."

Siva Moorthy,

"Helps me to understand others in the group. What worked well regarding the program and the facilitator: the interactive exercises."

Connie Burnell, Project Adminitrator,

"I came with no real expectations. I enjoyed the day and participation – some new things to apply. Yvonne was able to elicit active participation and involvement. A good balance of “instruction” and participation."


"Stretch comfort zone. Now need to take the techniques back to world/life to keep stretching…. Doing with team rather than a group of individuals, Yvonne was very clear in her discussions and involved everyone"

Andrew Schille

"Thanks Yvonne. You were very good at expressing ideas & expanding our perspectives & skills"

Jemena Regulatory

"Good [team building] course

Paul Johnston,

"Yvonne Sum has an extraordinary way of bringing out the brilliance in her clients. She is exceptional in her compassionate facilitation as she guides you to deeper self discovery. She will coach you to think about your life patterns and connect them to your core values in an intriguing, practical and useful way. Together you will journey the seasons of your life and revel in your authenticity and what makes you personally extraordinary. Yvonne sees and celebrates the natural leader in all of us. She shows us how to be the best of who we are as we determine our contribution to make the world a better place. She's a lot of fun too!"

Jo Romano, Parent Coach

"I have always found your teleclasses on parenting to be informative and practical. Great tips to help me raise my now-13-year old. Now that my daughter is 13, the time together is co-created. I practice as many of your "7 R's" as possible - especially respect and role modeling. I enjoy being totally present with her as we play and grow together."

Karen McMillan, Coach

"I became aware of excellent influencing techniques that are more than useful in my role

Cristine Balanica

"Facilitator shared experiences to provide perspective"

Daralyn Hodge

"Development of empathy/rapport …..Facilitator demonstrated the principles being taught."

Brett Ellwood

"I have got a better appreciation of next steps to improve my individual and group influencing. Facilitator created an excellent relationship with myself and audience."

"Yvonne’s energy, enthusiasm and passion are inspirational. Fantastic!! Great!!"

Lisa Foster, HSE Adviser

“This was a very effective course full of helpful information I can take back to achieve better results dealing with training, negotiating & coaching skills. I loved every second! … I felt the program was timed well keeping us engaged throughout the day. I also felt we were asked what in particular would be of most benefit to us & this was great having a say on what we needed to focus on. I thought it was very effective & would be even more so with a continuation at a future date.”

Stephanie Silva

“Thank you Yvonne – This day has been valuable and I will put many ideas into practice immediately.”

Sue Armitage

“Yvonne delivered a very relevant day for us. She totally engaged us and I appreciated her ability to be flexible with the content…. Tailored to meet outcomes & tailored to learning level of each participant, great demonstrating of a coach & trainer.”

Patricia Jones

“The day was beneficial to implement at work & in my personal life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself & have learnt new things that I can’t wait to put into practice… I liked the way the program was based on our desired outcome & every piece of content & activity was centred on these.”

Sally Morris

“Thank you for providing such great facilitation and for providing me with the skills and knowledge to be a more effective coach…… Yvonne was very engaging and created a comfortable environment conducive to sharing experiences and asking questions… I would have loved to have another day to further practice skills learnt.”

Georgia Manning

"It was a pleasure to meet with you today at the AAL Pulse session and it was refreshing to see how you drew parallels in nature, sports and business in terms of accepting and managing change. I am a firm believer that basic laws of nature are applicable in every aspect of life and it has been the underlying assumption in my investment plan in the stock market and the development of my risk management application (TradeRisk)."

Arpad Marton
Requirements Manager
Alcatel-Lucent Australia Limited

“Small group worked well. Excellent use of time during program and effectiveness of facilitator.”

Robert Riseley, Field Sales Manager

“The program content well selected, and presented & pitched at exactly right level. Could not be improved as it was excellent. I wanted to become a better leader & the content was perfect to enable me to take away new skills & concepts.” Carolyn Passmore, Sales & Education Executive

“Very much a non-threatening environment and facilitator was really able to get the message across. I thought it was great and easy to follow and understand. Great outcome. I wanted to learn and gain new tools to make me a better communicator and leader.”

Renato Peter, Sales & Education Executive, WA

Relevant. Pace was very appropriate for group. Great to review & refresh.

Patricia Jones, National Education Manager

“Yvonne built great rapport with the group right from the start, and with a small group this enabled us to have a positive learning environment. The topics were presented in a fun but interesting way which made the learning ‘stick’. Excellent. Have some great new stuff to work with and have also been ‘refreshed’ in other areas. More! ”

Sandra Haines, Retail Sales Manager, Qld

“Well organized content. Interactive sessions/ well facilitated. Fantastic to see my team working together … learning. Common goal of better, enhanced leadership skills.”

Carolyn Muir, National Retail Manager

“Yvonne has a fabulous energy & attention to detail. Everything I mentioned to her in our planning of the day was discussed & dealt with. She has a very quick & clear grasp of problems, a professional yet compassionate & therefore effective way of bringing them to the participant.”

Robyn Mailman, Practice Manager,

I am interested in NLP. I found the information on NLP today very interesting and would like to find out more about this.

Diane Lowe, Registered Dental Hygienist,

“Didn’t know what the course content would be…really enjoyed my day and hope not only to continue with your suggestions at work but to start at home too.”

A. Wan Wyte, Treatment Coordinator,

Excellent understanding of the complexities of team dynamics using NLP as a working model.

Dr Ken Marshall, Managing Director,

“The understanding of all the programme: it made me to be always positive thinking and change my attitude towards people around me, especially my family. All are very useful…..The Disney Pattern, Hero’s Journey & Learning Styles….. [Yvonne’s] colourful tools are very clear & simple.”

Tres Andrew Taki, Melanau Association

“It helps me to have change of mindset of learning new things and taking others’ suggestions with more open mind….. The way of getting people to share their own experience, getting crowds to do relaxing exercise (dancing) which was a new thing to certain people. [Yvonne] presented in creative way (colours wording, chart, drawings).”

Yii Ming Mei, Ban Hock My Centre Youth Worker,

“I learnt how to take colourful notes, to share my own hero’s journey to others, built rapport, be thankful and paid gratitude to all things happening around me. …..Built up my relationship with my family members….. [Yvonne sharing] her family story.”

Hong Boon Swee, T.M.C. Youth Worker,

“I learnt how to understand another person’s learning style, which helps me to be a better trainer in my field…..Built up my personal life journey…. [Yvonne] repeating the point and bringing it out for discussion …which is good for learner….. Lots of application exercise.”

Ting Khin Liu, Youth Trainer,

“Everything [worked well]…..Stories and [Yvonne] made everybody comfortable to ask questions and sharing.”

Emily Wong, Housewife,

“All topics are of help and lesson worth knowing. What worked well…teaching you to discover yourself and the roles of parents. [Dr Yvonne] transforms and motivates me giving more confidence to myself.”

anak Lamteng, Retired Banker,

“Stress, Coaching, Hero’s Journey, Learning Styles, Outcome Planning, The Disney Pattern… most useful… with [Yvonne’s] explanation & experience.”

Galoh Jeno, Biro Hal-Ehwal Wanita, Asap,

“ ‘Diamonds are Forever’ but these few days with you, Yvonne, have shown that – Diamonds don’t take forever to form. Thank you for letting us go home with 4-day-formed Diamonds…… I was stuck! This NLP is the lifeline I need so I can continue my journey. What worked well – non-threatening environment, positive participation & learning which carry over into application. The participants really got it!! Bravo Yvonne! Use of visual aids & reinforcement in Psyche & Eros story effectively transferred learning to me.”

alice Lai/Wright, Parent/ Wife/ Teacher/ Mentor/ Counsellor, Hope

Cordelia Lee, Sessional Lecturer, Swinburne University,

Julia Liah, Ernst & Young,

“I’ve realised that a lot of the things covered in the course I’ve already been practising to certain extent even though I didn’t know their ‘technical’ terms or the methods before, and being here further reinforced my confidence I’ve been doing some things right. Also there have been some gaps in these areas that have now been filled. …… Various tasks and ample opportunities for all to participate and integrate while trying out the models……In a very friendly, warm, relaxed and fun-loving style. Yvonne is very real, sharing her own life with us with such sincerity. This, together with the quality material presented, makes it work for me. I’ve learnt to be positive with even very negative issues, now seeing them as a necessary part of my learning and growth – NO PAIN, NO GAIN! And I can still rejoice and be hopeful through it all. The effectiveness does not end with the course but is extended into our working life with invitation to help & support one another in our work.”

Cordelia Lee, Sessional Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“:I came to the course not quite knowing what to expect but found that a lot of dry ‘dormant’ & existing knowledge have been activated & given new & extended meanings to…. Material was well presented & explained, variety of delivery styles (theory, application, experiment, stories) to keep us interested, and convey ideas & concepts clearly. Also the facilitator’s ongoing enthusiasm, conviction & passion in sharing her knowledge. The models help to structure information in a way that makes it easier for me to access & see the links & remember. Also the emphasis on revising material to aid retention. The revision activity at the end of Day 2 against the background music was good. Also by being encouraging & non-judgmental, the facilitator creates a non-threatening learning environment.”

Helen Chua, Sessional Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“I have a deeper understanding of the importance of having good parenting skills which I need first to digest and then impart / show what I have learned during this 4 days’ course to others….. through the chart presentation (simple drawings) and the role play workshop.”

Sr Genevieve, Day Care Centre Operator, Religious Sister of St Francis of Sarawak,

“[What worked well]: the different learning styles…. [Yvonne facilitating] in different colours.”

Stevenine Chang Ah Moi, Principal, Genius Kids Learning Centre,

“The ‘rapport’ session is indeed an enlightenment! A beautiful time- never boring. Practical too! Will change my relationship with others. Thank you…Very interesting! Some new thoughts to ponder and to apply in my own life….Understanding the rules of ‘coaching’ ….that I am a unique person with the hero’s journey module … how to manage stress and finally to build rapport with others around me….Through [Yvonne’s] rainbow-like modules and teaching aids….Her friendly disposition and of course her friendly approach and her sweet smile!”

Catherine James Johnson, Melanau Association,

“I came expecting to learn how to best handle situations with rebellious, egocentric teenagers but have instead seems to focus more on self. Yet, I believe that I have probably benefited more as a change in self has far more reaching effects. The ability of the facilitator to understand the participants’ needs worked well….. She checked with participants on theory understanding, revised where necessary and summarising at end of day to link up - very effective. What I really want now is to digest what had been transferred to me over the past few days, apply the relevant patterns, adopt the effective ones and make them my habits.”

Juliana Yeo, Ex-Co, Sarawak Women for Women Society,

“The Learning Outcomes of this workshop did give me new insights of how to deal with certain situations and challenges in my life journey. I hope to apply it in my daily living and to those whom I meet everyday….I learnt the technique to manage stress…and new ways of teaching and learning on young children. I felt all the inputs were very useful to me…I appreciate the sessions very much. …..The brain gym exercise and poco-poco dance, the group discussions and workshop, active participation in all activities…. [Dr Yvonne] used lots of learning styles and teaching techniques. She used lots of colours in jotting out the notes. It is very colourful and gave new ideas how to teach young children in our centre.”

Sr Angela ak Dahiam, Religious sister on teaching, Sisters of St Francis of Sarawak,

“I know where I stand and what to do when I become a ‘coach’ to someone else, …..and how important for me to accept ‘Hero’s Journey’ in my life. For me personally, all [from the program] is important and useful … but take time for me to adjust myself to put it into practice in my daily life…..Active participation in all activities, especially learning style and rapport, worked well. [Dr Yvonne] truly true to herself and she used all her past and present life experiences which I gained a lot from it.”

Sr Diana Butau, Sisters of St Francis of Sarawak,

“I came to reinforce my understanding of how to respond better to the needs of others and this program has done just that for me while at the same time fulfilling my needs. The flow of the material delivery as I felt Dr Yvonne responding to the needs of the participants worked well. By telling stories, she effectively transferred learning. Thank you, Yvonne! God bless.”

Wendy Chang, Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology,

“I had learnt new tools that I can use for counselling, teaching and facilitate learnings for students – new presentation styles which I can use for learning. All sessions are very well presented and very easy to absorb. Well-facilitated.”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“I am very impressed by the way Yvonne facilitated every session. I didn’t feel bored at all though the session run from 8.30am – 5.30 pm every day. Yvonne had used interesting stories and life experiences to attract and retain audience’s attention. A very effective strategy to use in presentation.”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“The presentation tools (the flip-charts) are very visual and colourful. Asian culture can relate to this learning method very well as most Asian learners dislike lists and too many words.”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“I like Yvonne’s flexibility in delivering the information. She gave choices to audiences to choose what we think is useful. It was a motivation force for audience to really want to learn. It suited me well as I am a “Why” learner. Yvonne was also very flexible in deleting or adding to presentation information when she saw the need of the audience.”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“Yvonne was very well-prepared for all her sessions. She had done a lot of research, readings (shown in citing many authors). I believe it is one of the very important elements in a good facilitator. Reading from various sources from different angles help to handle questions from different levels of learners & professions.”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“Yvonne had excellent eye-contact! She handled all questions in a very careful, wise and professional way…..Yvonne paid a lot of attention in her outfit, good colour choice and up-to-trend style. I personally believe outlook of presenter is extremely important to first establish a good and acceptable impressions as well as to retain audience’s attention. Well done, Yvonne!”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“Thank you for sharing of your interesting stories and life experiences. I really learnt a lot from your experiences. …I like the Disney Pattern (simple) and I will plan next semester to meet up with my students who need help to help them to see what they can do to achieve their dreams…..I also like your presentation style and tools you use. They are colourful and simple tools (never thought of making use of these tools, so rely on power point presentations).”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“Thank you for the interesting ‘Learning Style model’. It is amazing how God had created each one of us so uniquely. Each one of us has a brain that is so powerful to pick up information in a different Learning Style. This Learning Model had brought tremendous insight to help me to see how each of our students has their unique style of processing information. It is a very useful tool that I can use in understanding my student’s learning needs so that I can be more effective in helping them in the new semester”

Cathy Ling, Lecturer, Swinburne University,

“Today I have more new things to learn … my stress is gone away! Values & Beliefs – what you think is different from the reality.”

Min, Mother,

“Dr Yvonne, Thank you. I really enjoyed the session. It was a real eye-opener….I also learned the pattern of my children’s learning styles.”

Cath, Mother,

“Kool…in short time I have learnt something special today. Thank you.”


“Good revision for me…. I learn new things and new cases each time I came. New participants, new ideas. Thank you. Do you know that because of you, I have more time for my self to achieve my dream?”

Catherine Hie, Mother & Student,

“Thank you Dr Sum. You really open my mind. I will talk and discuss about their dream of life with my two children.”

Maria Bakri, Mother,

“Thanks Yvonne. I learned not to judge, while asking questions.”

Jacqueline Lian.

“….Experiences – talking to all the participants and listening to their Hero’s Journey – it really opens up my mind….: Sharing of experience from the facilitator…. Real life experience eg the dental (Johnny), mother-in-law.”

Alice Lai/Wright, Parent/ Wife/ Teacher/ Mentor/ Counsellor, Hope

“Your passion in what you are doing is infectious! Am already adapting and applying some of your techniques. I am glad that you highlighted some well-known personalities who managed to cope & overcame their disabilities (dyslexia) to be where they are! Very appropriate & meaningful too.”

Ng Kum Loy, Parent & Coach of People with Intellectual Abilities, Special Olympics

“….. Knowledge to impact others significantly – more confident now!....Helping achieve potential of others ……Self-improvement: already practising the knowledge…… Parenting more effectively……My challenge is to accommodate new knowledge into my present schema. [What worked well]: Facilitating audience participation & clarifying/ entertaining all questions posed….Anecdotes (real-life) from her personal experiences, readings plus audience’s recounting of appropriate events to illustrate the important ideas…..May the Force be with you. Thanks for sharing.”

Ng Kum Loy, Parent & Coach of People with Intellectual Abilities, Special Olympics

“I enjoy every second of your talks – very friendly delivery & your activities are very interesting & help us to understand the task. You are a good coach. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Your talks give me new ideas … such as give space where your participants can voice their comments/ happy or sad! There’s no boring session – not a minute - with you”

Disin Nyaom, Mother & Teacher,

“…..From a quiet type person who now can speak confidently in public eg Last night I just stepped in to be an MC for an event I didn’t plan – Amazing!”

Disin Nyaom, Mother & Teacher,

“I really appreciate the knowledge about the Hero’s Journey, the Learning Styles and Rapport…..The way Dr Yvonne pace us and lead us through the activities…..Very effective – because I’m the ‘How’ Learner so I can grasp all the learning through activities.”

Disin Nyaom, Mother & Teacher,

“Everything is very useful….Questions & Answers, Examples from Life Experiences, Models, Techniques & Training Aids – Colourful diagrams ….It was excellent and was much better than the ones I have attended anywhere so far.”

Mary Alek Bol, Primary School Teacher,

“Thank you very much for your fruitful thoughts and ideas. They are so great and I wouldn’t forget it. I have learnt so much during the course….all the tools given to be a leader or to lead someone with different learning styles…. especially dealing with students with different learning styles, and also the ‘Hero’s Journey’ where it connects to our life. I love the style you present the information: step-by-step and using different colour charts which transfer the learning easier to me, ….also discussions..”

Lesa Jaong, Teacher & Mother,

“…sharing with each other, free to present our ideas, colour, music. …touched my heart. [Dr Yvonne helped me learn by]: sharing through heart.”

Shaleen Tay, MSN (Sarawak State Sports Council) Designer/ Coach

“Your course is not only eye-opener in learning behaviours but you built our courage. Thanks a lot. ….By applying all the things we learnt to our daily lives, spreading and sharing them to people around us.”

Wong Poh Kee, Assistant Coach, MSN Sarawak State Sports Council

“….Outcome planning which enable me to plan things and work it out in a better way….Disney Pattern was another great idea which taught me to dream BIG! ….I also learnt moral values from others when we were sharing experiences…. The way Dr Yvonne leads us and inspires me with her meaningful stories. …. By sharing her life experiences, presenting all the ideas in a very lively way.”

Wong Poh Kee, Assistant Coach, MSN Sarawak State Sports Council

“It’s great to see you persistently and consistently well-organized in your visual delivery which is easier to tract and digest mentally. Dear Dr Yvonne, Thank you for transforming my day – it’s very bright and meaningful.”

Jane Lian Labang, General Manager

“…helped me to reinforce my parenting style. [Yvonne has] good interaction with participants. Good sharing.”

Carol Loi, Assistant Director (& Mother), Ministry of Education,

“…improves my guidance style towards my child.”

Julie Tan, Mother, Kids Performing

The methodical way we worked through the different parts of my journey, also the openness that I was able to express myself and the sharing of experiences. I also appreciated the accountability to the program that was required.

Jenny Rogers, Businesswoman & Options Trader

I like your work. Keep it going. Like what my seniors said and do, it's for the people. I believe there are people among us, who are in quiet desperation but do not know who or how to seek help, and that there are people who have the time and energy but do not know who or how to help. I think with your work, somehow they got link together ;) I still have a long way to learn. Thank you for coming into my life. I start to re-read the book "Aladdin Factor" which I stop few months back. Through your seminar that day, exposed me to the work of Glenn Doman, and currently my son is in the program with Australian IAHP. I anticipate the challenges and positive change in my life. Thank you.

Law Siaw Yang, 2006 TLC Parenting Pilot delegate

Your website and articles splash colorful, dynamic waves of love, compassion, insight, wisdom, forward thinking, health realization. Yvonne, you offer soooo much to all you choose to "stand by" and believe in. You have a deep river of pure authentic YOU for all of us to dip our toes into, dive in, and swim and play with life, fun, laughter and hope. I am awed, inspired by your writing and your beautiful warm spirit.

Jo Romano, Personal & Professional Coach

I think your article on relationship intelligence is great............... really well written and researched. Well done.

Cheryl Gilroy, NLP/NS Master Trainer

Now that I am about half way through your DVD's I am very impressed with your training style and knowledge.

Kristy Bergin, Personal Coach

Learning is always good. It never ends and each learning always makes me a better person. The outcomes are enormous? managing stress/ understanding your child ? positive and negative value, life is neither good or bad. What worked well: the individual attention, the personal experiences of Dr Sum & participants, the openness feeling.

(Datin) Hasnah Mahda, Principal

I learn to understand and pace my clients?. Everything I wanted and expected to know.

Rose Chieng, Senior Executive/Banker

I have more knowledge & information on how to deal with the toughest people?.most useful ideas ? managing stress/build rapport with others/handling objections.

Agnes Au, Asst Principal

Able to identify the right tools and techniques to handle objections and persuasions? focus technique for a situation.

Jane Lian Labang, General Manager

I have achieved what I came to learn. I just have to apply them?. to quickly ?see? the positive behind a negative event, brain exercises, managing objections?Interaction between the facilitator/participants and Dr Sum being knowledgable of her subject worked well.

Wendy Terang, Lawyer

I find ways to overcome a problem that I faced with my tough audience ? lot of ideas.

Sheron Sundi, Personnel Officer

I achieved a lot because the information is very useful in my daily work.

Hajah Nancy Shukri, Facilitator

The program is the best for our office ? to get more ideas to run our job, to use the input from the program. We would like to share this knowledge with individual teams/ athletes.

MSN Sarawak Sports Officer

Great for everyone, administrators to coaches ? Useful ideas- Dilt?s ladder of change & cross path of visions.

Stanley Jemat, Administrator

I learn to communicate, how to deal with certain level in administration.

Dedia Ahmad, Sports Coordinator

Personal learning outcome ? more understanding on how to implement mental rehearsal ? Facilitator/Program very useful and change our thinking.

Susali Hj Suhaili, Sports Administrator

Dr Sum ? easy to communicate, down to earth.

Linda Ling, Sports Officer

This is a very good sharing session with you. I strongly believe that whatever in today session, all the coaches & coordinators may have more understanding with NLP? and sports psychology. Good presentation! Thanks for sharing!! Hope to have more conversation with Dr Sum for the future time!!!

Wong Lai Leng, Sports Psychologist

Tools well-presented & illustrated. Good personal examples?.personal outcomes achieved: It?s beginning of a new chapter! Generally eye- and mind-opening.

Peter Wong, Architect

I like the colour markers.

Ezumi Harzani, Architect

Learn how to adapt situation by following your coaching.

Bernard Au, Director

The program was well delivered in a light hearted manner and at the same time straight to the point.

Ken Wong, Architect

Story-telling to illustrate a point & sincerity on part of facilitator.

Jerry Sum, Director

Give clarity to my problem solving situation?motivated in my problem solving ability.

David Chan

Enthusiasm, Energy, Knowledge, Preparedness, Focussed, Sharpness, Professionalism.

Lee Chor Wah, PAM Deputy President

Motivational?What worked well: The information shared, outcomes and implementation of the program practically.

Jonathan Yap Foong Keng

The theatrics skills and story telling skill of Dr. Yvonne Sum had enhanced the program and the unique way that she worked through flipcharts & drawing.

Jane Lian Labang, General Manager

It assists me to apply submodalities on my hero's journey. It has deepened my understanding of "ME" and the people around me. Thank you Dr. Yvonne Sum.

Rose Chieng, Bank Officer

It was really generous of Dr. Yvonne Sum to make sure that every participant understands her. Her patience, persistence and kindness is really something I should emulate because it is so admirable.

Irene Tan, Principal

Her techniques are simple, easy to use, and can be applied to any situation

Yvonne's skill in people management increases the fun and profitability in creating and maintaining a fired-up team.

Dr. Anthony Au,

Yvonne Sum is the most refreshing speaker I have heard in recent years.

Dr. Don Wilson, BDS, FICD, Former ADASA Branch president, current Chairman of ADA Federal Oral Health Education Committee (OHEC),

Yvonne is truly an amazing speaker. She will put the 'wow' back in your stride.

Dr. Dennis Teoh,Australian Asian Association of Dentists

Professionals readily grasp the concepts you speak about and understand how they can integrate those strategies in their patients.

Lori Kumar,Pfizer

Yvonne Sum's talk to a group of year ten high school girls many years back inspired me to study dentistry - it was captivating and encouraging.


Her lectures are strongly recommended for those who desire to see positive changes at the workplace and in their personal lives.

Danny Chan, Editor,"Dental Asia" magazine

I have known and worked with Dr Sum on a number of projects over the past 2 years and have found her to be friendly, reliable and competent.

Jacqi Slade,Pfizer Australia

A good approach to attract interaction of participants - body language and stories.

Siti Fatimah Jamail,Dewan Bandar Kuching Utara (DBKU), Malaysia

Lively and inspirational.

Nooramali,Universiti Teknoloji Mara, Malaysia

Very articulate and vivacious; knows her stuff.

John Wong,Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Public Works Dept, Malaysia

Easy to understand. Clear examples. Excellent facilitator. Exceeded my expectations.

Hajjah Noraskin Haji Mohd Din,Harwood Timber, Malaysia

Very positive learning environment, active learning. Dynamic, friendly.

Lee Siaw Kang,SAINS, Malaysia

Excellent presentation skill. Knowledgeable on the subject. Invite 2-way communication.

Nicholas Andrew Lissem,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC), Malaysia

Very well prepared and comprehensive. Entertaining. Able to deliver the content of this workshop well and interesting. Exceeded my expectations.

Haji Yusuf bin Haji Bujang,Pusat Pembangunan Kemahiran Sarawak (PPKS) Sarawak Skills Development Centre, Malaysia

Very interesting. Helps to segment things that we might have been practicing. Manage to capture my attention. Cheerful, open, approachable. Helps to segment things that we might have been practicing. Manage to capture my attention. Cheerful, open, approachable.

Andy Bong,CMSB Property, Malaysia

Very inspiring. Keep up your storytelling. up your storytelling.

Sylvia Phan,First Choice Solution, Malaysia

Good facilitator to maintain and sustain the group's interest. Maintain and sustain the group?s interest. Maintain and sustain the group?s interest.

Edmund Daging,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC), Malaysia

Good presentation tone and clear expression!

Patrick Ting,Ta Ann Holdings, Malaysia

Fantastic presentation / communication skills. Great flow of thoughts. Clarity.

Rosilawati Abdillah,Harwood Timber, Malaysia

Well organized with NLP techniques used ? exceeded my expectations.

Hajjah Rabyah Mohd Mansor,Chief Minister's office, Malaysia

Course content / information received are made simpler by good examples. Facilitator is able to build rapport with the participants because in touch with the local culture and the present environment?Able to simplify NLP learning in a layman language and environment. Exceeded my expectations.

Jane Lian Labang,Sarawak Cultural Village, Malaysia

Good mix of academic and application through the use of fun activities. Knows her content very well and is able to give examples in many ways to reach the group.

Dr. Rodney George,Australia

Very interesting / informative. Very practical.

Dr. Roger Dennett,Australia

Would like to know more about other courses in NLP ? very enthusiastic presenter.

Dr. Donna Usher,Australia

Enjoyed her examples?.easier for me to understand.

Tracie Orth,Australia

Formulation of information was great. Colours and paper made it feel more personalized and informal. Great presenter, managed to build rapport with everyone and opens situation for everyone to have rapport with each other.

Dr. Caroline Nguyen,Australia

Yvonne's very enthusiastic. Role playing etc helpful in reinforcing concepts. Also knew her material beyond depths touched on in course.

Greg Davidson,Dental Development Services, Australia

YS always exceeds.

Kathleen McKellar,Dental Development Services, Australia

Succinct but leaves me with much scope for exploring further development. Very warm and genuine. Great facilitator ? allows individuality to play a part in our success, not just a formula to apply. Exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Livia Naharnowicz,Australia

Wonderful motivating presentation; a unique ability to create visual pictures; fantastic ability to listen; re-iterate in other people's words and build on input of the group = higher level of learning.

Wendy Parish,Australia

Very informative. Very interactive courses. Yvonne is able to up keep the interest of the audience and the whole course were conducted on a very lively way.

Alex Gui,Pfizer, Singapore

The course is very comprehensive, ranging from technical information, motivational stories, techniques on presentation and screening through clinical papers as well as some personal development tools. Dr Yvonne is not only a professional dentist but also an excellent coach and speaker.

Tee Seng Thien,Pfizer, Malaysia

(Dr Sum is) Approachable - easy to understand. Bring to life the concepts taught and how to apply in the "real" world. Overall the delivery of the training is interesting and unconventional and it is a good way to keep participants? attention.

Foo Li-Lian,Pfizer, Malaysia

The course content is pretty sufficient and many of my doubts cleared and had new findings applicable to my job. Very innovative. Able to teach in a interesting manner which makes it easier for me to absorb and apply into my job.

Robin Neo Tiow Chuan,Pfizer, Singapore

Dr Sum is animated and brings life to a potentially boring subject. She has lots of energy, is motivating, very articulate, creates an environment that encourages active participation even amongst those that are quiet.

Lynn Yeo,Pfizer, Singapore

The clinical paper is very useful in my job. She (Dr Sum) is aggressive, talkative, positive and always smiling face.

Ben Chen,Diethelm, Malaysia

Very useful. Able to read and analyse by using CPD. Able to use wisdom to deal with customers tactfully.

Francis Phang,DMSB Distributor

She creates very interesting environment. Very helpful, friendly, understanding. Presented in simple way.

Wong Li Yeen,Diethelm, Malaysia

Content is rich. Facilitator interesting. Good learning atmosphere. Vivid.

Cathy Ma,Primal Chemical Co, Hong Kong

Dr Sum gave us a vivid training. It is funny and useful. It helps us to remember things easily.

Deborah Cheung,Primal Chemical Co, Hong Kong

I really like how the courses were run. By incorporating games and group discussions really helped us to integrate and exercise what we learnt in the class immediately. Great content. Excellent facilitator. Always full of energy and passion on the subjects that really enhanced the learning atmosphere.

Celina Cheng,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

The effective learning process makes it much easier for non-technical people to understand the technical knowledge of the products. Dr Sum is very skillful to present the information and makes all of these very memorable. She is an impressive instructor and very energetic.

Petty Ho,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Easy to understand, comprehensive and excellent course content. Facilitator excellent and interactive, motivator also.

Jenny Leung,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Hong Kong

Thanks to Dr Sum - brought me a very memorable workshop and present all the information in an innovative way and accelerate my thinking process and reinforce what I understand.

Jo Jo Wong,IDS, Hong Kong

Course content and information is very good. Excellent facilitator. Exceeded my expectations.

Kim Lo,IDS, China

Yvonne provided us with so much FUN and a comfortable learning atmosphere. Plenty of information but I don't feel too much.

Raymond Cheung,IDS, Hong Kong

Facilitator exceeded my expectations. Very informative, interesting and fun, very unconventional way to deliver product training.

Jane Yuen,IDS, Hong Kong

Very informative with clinical support & research data.

Jessie Chan,IDS, China

Content & Facilitator exceeded my expectations.

Windy Lam,IDS Distributor, China

Very useful guideline so that I can know the picture and start to think. CPD very useful.

Santis Li,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, China

Dr Sum's passion is very much appreciated.

Sylvia Tsai,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Taiwan

Great to have comprehensive info. Most product trainings tend to be tedious. Yvonne made the whole process so much fun.

Minhaj Obeidullah,Pfizer, Australia

Fantastic. The presentation style was great. Very easy to understand and maintain interest. Yvonne was very enthusiastic. She maintained energy levels and facilitated easy learning.

Cathy Hoy,Pfizer, Australia

Facilitator handled very well with different expertise. Information received exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed this training. This is a good part of global companies to share experiences in different countries & you can learn something new.

Junichi Adachi,Pfizer, Japan

I really appreciate the facilitator. Exceeded my expectations. These trainings are useful for me very much. I would like to have experiences like this time again.

Emi Iwamatsu,Pfizer, Japan


Andayani Z. Harefi,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Indonesia

It is very comprehensive and cover all aspects of oral health, Dr. Yvonne is able to deliver hard content to variety of people with different background in a structured and systematic technique.

Gevi Sinta Mauludina,Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Indonesia

This is by far the most comprehensive training I have attended and the best methodology in adult learning - the fun way. It certainly reaches its purpose in terms of knowledge and people development. Yvonne is a great facilitator who manages the training sessions greatly. She is funny, sensitive and really an eye-opener for me.

Budhy Damian Widjojo MD,Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, Indonesia

She understands well Malaysian participants' attitude and behaviour and attracts them with her consultative flair for participation and process of learning.

Zamhari b. Hashimr,Harwood Timber, Malaysia

Learn new ideas and concept and try wherever and whenever possible to adopt them. Very satisfied.

Hj Abdul Hadi bin Datuk Hj Abdul Kadir,Harwood Timber, Malaysia

Good facilitator, interacts well and able to build confidence level.

Busari Rasit,Harwood Timber, Malaysia

Equal emphasis/deliberation on the subject of NLP - what is NLP relationship with stress management.

Jaddil Ziadel Ibrahim,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Exceeded my expectations.

Jeman Udin,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Course content / information received is complete. The facilitator knows her subject very well and knowledgeable.

Hayatty Bt Hj Razali,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Very academic. Good technique in learning through coloured presentation. She is beautiful and can remember names very fast. Friendly and approachable. Able to get participants to actively participate in discussions.

Suraya Mohamad Ali,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Too brief! Very energetic and knows her subject well. A very likeable person.

Fatimah Satim,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Very comprehensive. Learnt that stress need to be managed, otherwise it will affect our body chemistry and which will subsequently affect our health. She is very well-versed in the subject and thus always gives out relevant and sensible examples on how NLP can benefit our performance in our private life and also in the office.

Dr. Elli Luhat,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Contents are well illustrated and easy to understand. Friendly and very helpful.

Jerry Mawan Lading,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

Excellent! Exceeded my expectations

Paul Lau Ngie Hung,Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia

She's one hell (pardon my word) of a facilitator ? Excellent ? Simply amazing.

Genevieve Mones-Ferrer,Pharmalink (Zuellig) - Pfizer CHC, Philippines

Very professional approach in handling objections. I hope you can have this course once a year. She's very professional, friendly, very approachable. She's the best!

Ritchie J. Silva,Pharmalink (Zuellig), Philippines

She ensured that our interest is captured with her very proactive and animated way of teaching. Very informative. Thank you Dr Sum. You are such an inspiring mentor!

Manette Razon,PCH, Philippines

Dr Sum makes presentations fun and interesting. Her energy is infectious. That helps make learning easier.

Tina Cabanez,PCH, Philippines

The techniques shared .. will be useful not only for the professional program but in my other work. I especially like her animation and enthusiasm. She has a very creative way of presenting 'boring' and 'difficult' topics sound easy and 'un-intimidating'

Gretchen Borja,PCH, Philippines

A lot of things I have learnt from the course. I am very happy. Exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Phu,Diethelm, Vietnam

Good either presentation skill and product knowledge - rarely find person who have both ability as it help us understand technique on product very well.

Nonglaksna Kitcharoenkankul,Diethelm, Thailand

Exceeded my expectations. Request (Dr Sum) for next training.

Narachada Chanyanupap,Diethelm, Thailand

She is very excellent facilitator with energy and motivation. Her style is fit well with Asia people because she can make the course lively..

Napaporn Sapanon,Diethelm, Thailand

She is a trainer with exceptional enlivening techniques that can bring everyone attention and participation.

Udom Vinaruenatr,PCH, Thailand

She is very good in leading us working as a group. It contained both technical information and presentation skills, which are very useful to apply in real working situations.

Sunee Namsakulcharoendee,PCH, Thailand & Indochina

Very interesting and insightful. Facilitator is very motivational and inspirational and it makes you absorb the info better. Facilitator is very receptive and .. manages to capture the audience with her gestures and tone. It's a very different approach all together as audience feels it customized to their needs and she provides GOOD MUSIC ! :)

Doreen Tan, Pharmacist,Pfizer

High in energy which really pass to the participant.

Pakrudee Yongsuvimol,J Walter Thompson, Thailand

Course content is very helpful and can .. use in real situation. I like your teaching technique that you could turn difficult thing to easy understanding things.

Yurayong Rugpratum,J Walter Thompson, Thailand

Good combination of learning and practice to make participants feel alert all the time. Very energetic.

Dr. Pakinee Ritwiwat,Diethelm, Thailand

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