TLC™ Intentional Parenting

Transformational Leadership Challenge™ (TLC) for actualizing parents and caregivers is about setting intentions to go from good to great, to reach for one's personal highest potential and be at one's authentic best. It is about parents and caregivers being the best role models, teachers, mentors and coaches for their children.

In workshops and one-on-one coaching, the TLC Parenting program is about Intentional Parenting. So what does it mean to be an Intentional Parent?

Since attending The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia in 1998, Dr. Yvonne Sum has developed Life Programs for her two children based on the Doman Method, NLP/NS/Neuro-EK/Generative Learning. She also facilitates the Parent Program of Discovery Australia - a leadership and life skills program for teenagers.

Dr. Sum continues to motivate, facilitate and coach what she terms "Parenting Leadership" for joyous mutual early childhood/parenthood development.

Through Dr. Sum's work as a Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Facilitator, she has consistently experienced successful professionals and senior executives who find parenting "the greatest challenge on earth". She has also had the privilege to meet fulltime professional parents who do an amazing job and who would never otherwise have considered themselves as leaders in their family 'organization'.

Dr. Sum's mission is to inspire parents and caregivers to be the best they can be so they can hold the space to unleash the greatest potential in their children through a joyful learning partnership. Hence, the Parenting for Professionals concept was born which gave rise to the Transformational Leadership Challenge program - essentially a Parenting Leadership program. Whether you are a professional parent/caregiver, or a professional who is also a parent - you can take up the challenge.

The Intentional Parent uses Parenting Leadership to lovingly hold the space so the children experience a joyful learning partnership with their parents to unleash their highest potential by mutual reflection and support in a safe environment.

Are you being an Intentional Parent?

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