Strategic Partners

Dr Yvonne Sum has a strategic network of partners that work closely with our clients to ensure they really understand business context, have a sound appreciation of the client’s competitive landscape, and understand their strategy so that we can combine our resources to create learning solutions to achieve the business objectives with the best fit of expertise.

Dr Yvonne Sum and her strategic partners have the breadth of experience to determine both the most appropriate content and the delivery method. The solution always depends on time, demographics, budget, culture and myriad of other factors.

We use a collaborative and interactive design process which aligns learning and development solutions with real-world business challenges. Deliverables will be designed and developed in close collaboration with the client’s team.

We understand that our clients have a lot of experience and talent. So, our focus together is on leveraging and integrating our joint strengths and expertise to co-create robust, practicable and actionable solutions more cost effectively.

What makes us different: we make sure you work with the right partner(s) to achieve your outcomes...

Strategic Partners

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