Parent Leadership - Creating Learning Partnerships

Parenting is a leadership privilege that you may have actively chosen or which may have been accidentally bestowed upon you. Parenting is your commitment to a learning partnership with your child(ren) that not only grows your children but it certainly develops you in the process. I would be interested to hear from those of you who have learnt from your children, and for you to share your lessons here.

My journey and passion as a leadership facilitator essentially began with the birth of my first child, Jett. I must admit that I am fortunate enough to be a natural parent (where others may have had to adopt)-and yet my fears about taking on this role brought on ante-natal depression upon Jett's conception! I probably developed preeclampsia (high blood pressure in pregnancy) in the third trimester as a result. One of my first lessons on this 10-year journey thus far is that upon the birth of Jett, he seemed to tell me in unspoken words that he had a destiny that I could not change, and that I was here as his tour guide - so that I should just relax and enjoy the parenting role!! Now this could either be what mothers describe as an overwhelming unconditional love they feel for their child as they exit the birth canal .... or else, I was simply hallucinating from my own endorphins! In any case, my blood pressure dropped to normal immediately. Lesson 1: I learnt not to be a perfectionist parent. I have a partner in my child to learn about this job role. Go with the flow.Lesson #2: Jett taught me was about patiently being present and enjoying every moment.  I realized I did not have to teach him everything - what a relief.  Instead, he taught me more than I could ever imagine. Jett allowed me to see the beauty in our world in new curious eyes - to marvel in a lot of things that I had taken for granted: a new leaf on a tree, a crawling caterpillar, the patterns raindrops made on the car window.....  I started to appreciate music from the classical composers as we listened to  them together for it always soothed him into a trance (he has a natural gift for music and plays amazing violin and piano by ear now) ....and I started reading him Shakepseare to bed: His favourite was 'Romeo & Juliet'. I realized he demonstrated wisdom and genius that we are all born with - yet this had seemingly gotten slowly eroded as we got de-geniused (according to Buckminster Fuller) by society. I have since had another daughter Xian - two years younger than Jett. She has taught me plenty as well: the joys of her love of learning, her ability to read and understand mathematical concepts at age 2, amazing ability to engage people into connecting with her, movement and dance....Lesson #3: The book comes in the form of the child - read it well with all your senses - and the child will show you all the ways to help him/her on his journey of self-discovery ... In the process of reading each book, you learn more about yourself. That's the miracle of our magnificence - in helping others learn about themselves, you transform your self.I am re-discovering my inner genius through my interactions with both my children. Through my children, they have inspired me to follow my passion - to pursue my own love of learning and to help others reach their highest potential. I left my dental professional career (literally hung up the drill) to build my identity as a Parent Leadership facilitator to help others find the best of themselves in a learning partnership with their children. Help me help others find their highest in sharing your stories here, write to me at, or visit me on my website on  to join my teleclass.Let us transform the world one person at a time. Start with your self.