Part 3 The Priorities of Transformational Leadership

Many leaders provide elaborate high-potential programs and only mediocre development opportunities for the rest. That's a shaky foundation. Transformed leaders need to tirelessly align and coach team members. Consistent high-performing businesses hold leaders accountable for developing team members. Leaders who actively coach are well-positioned to quickly redeploy talent to meet shifting business requirements. Learn how to coach as a leader.

Are you boosting or kneecapping your team's creative efforts?

Teresa Amabile, the Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business administration at Harvard Business School, recently completed a study based on the daily electronic diaries collected from 238 professionals working directly with a team leader on one of 26 project teams in 7 companies from 3 different industries. Her research found that good team leaders:

  • Clarify roles and objectives - giving people a clear sense of overall project objectives, why the project is important; avoiding changing assignments or objectives frequently, and giving assignment inappropriate to person's skill level or that conflict with other manager's instructions.
  • Recognise and reward good work - giving tangible rewards eg higher pay as well as simple recognition, especially public recognition
  • Support people - show support in people's actions and decisions, help relieve unnecessary stress, address negative incidents, thoughts & feelings, rather than ignoring them.

Are you an effective team leader? If not, make that your transformational leadership priority.

ACTION: Excel in these four leadership transformation priorities:

  1. Executive, develop thyself.
  2. Correct cultural corruption.
  3. Drive productivity and innovation through engagement.
  4. Make talent management a business priority.

Priorities aren't real until resources are applied to them. What resources are you applying to your leadership transformation priorities?


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