Part 1 - The Priorities of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is about priorities.

Leadership isn’t getting any easier. The market’s obsession for quarterly earnings stymies even the best strategists. Customers and high performing employees have more choices. Extreme transparency has replaced closed-door inner workings. No wonder CEOs feel like they have a big bull’s-eye on their backs. Today, transformational leadership requires a balance between business competence and personal connection. It’s no longer enough for leaders to be capable. They must also build authentic bonds with employees, customers, and other stakeholders—a daunting challenge.

Today’s leader in any industry is one with people responsibility, competence and integrity who provides direction and guidance in an emotionally intelligent way.

Transformational leadership involves factors such as:

  • Values Champion: lives and promotes the values at the workplace
  • Team Linker: links work, people and processes
  • Strategic Thinker: develops and progresses a future vision
  • Change Facilitator: paces self and team through change
  • People Motivator: gives positive encouragement of team and individual performance
  • Responsibility Giver: empowers with clear roles
  • Situational Decision Maker: makes effective decision contingent on situation
  • Competent Performer: matches personal strengths and effort with what needs doing

This emotionally intelligent leader is effective in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, social skill and communication.

Tall order? Christopher Rice, President & CEO of BlessingWhite Consulting, gives us heart: “To succeed, leaders need to focus on four priorities.”
Next month: We will explore these 4 priorities.


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