How do you know that you are having a Happy New Year?

I was given a T-shirt last Christmas that read: "Dear Santa, Define Good....." I thought that was fair. What if Santa's criteria is different from what we see as good? Or naughty? Or nice? Is that why I have stopped being on the man's list?

By that same argument, how do you know when you are having a Happy New Year? Perhaps it is not so much about New Year's Resolutions but a necessary reflection on what YOU define as Happy and Good in the coming year. How will you know when you have had a great year.

In reviewing the past year, if you have no idea what good is - then how do you know that you have had a bad year? Let me invite you to put some thought into thinking about what you would like in the New Year.

eg let us consider that we want to be a better leader in the coming year. What are the key elements that you will be looking to improve? For me, I would like to be more:

1. Authentic -find at least one opportunity every day to express my truth; lose my mind to free my spirit regularly to continue my self awareness journey so that at the end of next year, I have added at least one new distinction to my understanding of my self.

2. Present - Come to my senses daily to see and hear others better; come in early as a partner and filter judgment to find more possibility in relationships

3. Sensible - Step back daily to review and reflect situations so that I will allow common sense into the context, and recognise emotions or prejudices that hamper progress.

4. Inspirational - Lose my ego more and step back regularly from jumping in to accomplish something on my own; have the courage to ask for help more often, show my vulnerabilities so that others can step up to be more significant.

Will this be easy? Probably not. I have asked for support from my friends, colleagues and family to hold me accountable to these. So wish me luck!

What will it be for you to "Be Good"?What support do you need?

I know there is a Santa Claus in every one of us. Let us remember that this season is not only about giving to others. What will we give to our selves? What will the gift that Santa Claus in you be giving you this season to help make it a Happy New Year?

For me: it is Balanced-Heart-and-Head wrapped up with bold rainbow colours of Courage and tied with free-flowing Spirit.

What will it be for you? How about starting on the following:

1. Don't judge your self too harshly for this past year.

2. Define 'Good' for next year.

3. Let your Inner Santa give you a gift.

4. Have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year

'Tis the season to be jolly! I know it will be good.

Seasons Greetings

Happy Holidays!